Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Curriculum Resources for Missions

While on the mission field, I created tons of illustrations and curriculum resources. When we came back to the states, I continued creating resources, first as part of the Creative Arts team with Team Expansion, then as a volunteer once I became part of the staff of Highland Park Christian Church.

I have been creating illustrations to contribute to a curriculum package for use in missions and ministry. Here are some of that I have done or reformatted this past year.

Ezra Comes to Life

This year, we are going to be going through the books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther on Sunday mornings in our Student Bible classes. I came up with the idea to create some short videos to lead some, if not all, of the lessons. I thought I could use some small sets and do a little stop motion animation as well as live action with props and figures. Since the first lesson starts in a couple weeks (in fact I had to push it back), I am in full speed mode creating the props, sets and figures. I will be using a GoPro for most of the shooting. After I do the first two or three videos, I am going to be inviting the help of some students and adults to help complete the project.

A side goal of working on this for HP, will be that I will make the curriculum available for purchase for other churches. We are looking at about a 26 week curriculum package with lessons, resources and videos.

Here are some pictures of the process so far...

Concept sketches

Sculpting process...
I used aluminum foil balled up around the end of a nail. The nail will make it so I can turn the figure's head.

Ezra is beginning to take shape.

Esther will be used later on, but here head and figure are almost complete.

I use a heavy steel wire for the armature. The heads can be removed from the bodies so that I can use them for other characters.

Ezra's House: