Friday, August 31, 2007

The Church is the Bride

A few weeks ago, we had a special celebration service and both of our Life Groups met together. Jason was speaking about the different things that come to mind when you hear "church" and he asked me to do a special art thing. Basically, while he was speaking I was to draw whatever came to my mind about the church. One of my favorite views, is that of the bride. So, I sought to do some sort of piece with that in mind. So here it is and a close-up of Jesus' face below.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

In Honor of Football Season Starting

I was inspired by the upcoming football season, that starts this weekend. First, is my original sketch scanned, then the colored pencil version. I don't use colored pencil that often, but I always like it when I do.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hairstyles: Women

One of the things that I have always had the most difficulty drawing is women's hairstyles. First of all, there are tons of them, and being a man, I am not privy to dressing my hair in any of their styles. So, when I found myself standing alone at the airport while we were taking our summer interns to fly out, I pulled out my trusty moleskin and started to sketch. The bad thing about getting up at 4:30 AM to go to the airport is that it is at 4:30 in the morning, enough said. The good thing is that the airport is packed and everyone is dressed nice, ready to go to wherever they are going. So, noticing all the different hairstyles, I thought it an ideal time to sketch some of what I was seeing. Here is the scanned page out of my moleskin.

New Information Cards

So, part of the new promotional stuff I have been working on is new info cards for our team. Here are is our card, front and back. This also serves as a template for the other members of the team. Check them out below...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Building Background - Original Idea Sketch

Here is the original sketch that I made as I was coming up with the idea for the building background.

Building Background

So, I am working on an idea I had for promotions. It would be used in places where I would have more than just one table for our mission display, or I could also use it behind me as we speak. Basically it is a vertical banner, or rather four vertical banners. Each one is to look like a different building. Buildings in Italy are often several stories, multi-colored and consisting of apartments and businesses. Many businesses will have the bottom storefront door and the rest of the building is composed of either apartments or offices. Here is my first building for a banner. I am posting the three final stages.

1) First is the final before texturing...

2) Second, texturing is added...

3) Finally, shading is added for the final look...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Italy Mosaic Finished

Here is the final, albeit lower resolution, Italy Mosaic. This is one half of our banner that goes behind our missions table. It is compromised of about 750 pictures, all taken of people, places or things in Verona. I added to my own photos, those taken by Rae Bubp, April Kilgore, Jason Casey and Charles Lawyer. Thanks for helping take pictures everyone!

New Prayer Cards

So, I have been working on lots of new graphics and promotional material for the new team and ministry. And here is the result of some of that work. New prayer cards for Angie and I. I also did new cards for the Blackburns and later I will tweak them for April and any new recruits that we happen to get.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Frank and Ollie DVD

Frank and Ollie
If you are looking for a good DVD of animation history, specifically Disney animation then here you are....Frank and Ollie. Just click on the link to the right to go to and buy yours today. It is a great dvd chock full of history, animation concepts and just good fun.
You can also go to their official website and check out videos of animation history and tips. You can find it here.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Photomosiac of Italy

So, I am working on a new banner for the Verona team. I started brainstorming about what to do. On the last banner I made for our Ancona team, I made a collage. It was huge and lots of work, but turned out great. It made for a great discussion starter at our mission table. Well, I thought maybe I could do something a little more ambitious this time with the collage. I could do one of those photomosaics, you know where 500 pictures make up one picture? So, I am planning on taking a 1000 or so shots of Verona and turning them into a picture of Italy with water all around. I have done some tests with a software program I downloaded called, Andreamosaic, and they look really good. Once I am done, I'll post it here too.