Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A Study of New Orleans

I read recently, where Disney artists like Glen Keane, draw hundreds of drawings before they land on the character or design they want. I'm preparing some layout designs for an article on mission work in New Orleans and here are some of what I intend to be dozens, if not hundreds, of drawings in prep for that.

It's a simple figure blowing Jazz on a trumpet done in different styles.

The first one is the original pencil sketch --

The next one is just a simple silhouette --

Taking the silhouette to the next level, I placed it on a blue background --

Then I took the original sketch and imported onto my Xoom tablet where I colorized it using Sketchbook Mobile Pro --

Artist Notes - Original sketch done with  Derwent Graphic 2B pencil on Hammermill Color Copy Digital paper that is 28lb weight and 100 brightness. The silhouettes were done in CorelDraw X5 on a Windows 7 laptop. The colorized version was done on a Honeycomb enabled Motorola Xoom tablet.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Unleashed for the Unreached Manual Artwork

These are some illustrations I did for the book compilation and rebranding I have done recently. I created this little guy and I ended up being really happy with his simple design.

Artist Notes - Done completely in CorelDraw X5 on a Windows 7 Dell Inspiron.

A Boy and His Shadow

What does a boy do when he is dressed like a pirate and shadows are boucing around the room? He lets his imagination run away with him of course! Here's a quick sketch I did this evening from an idea that popped into my head while working today. I couldn't wait to finish working so I could sketch this out. I was going to ink it, but the pencil starting looking real good and I haven't really sketched something like this in awhile. So here it is. What do you think?

Artist notes - Sketch done on Hammermill Paper Color Copy Digital, 100 brightness/28 lb with a Kimberly 2B pencil.