Friday, October 24, 2008

October Monster Madness 2008 - #24

Aaargh, ahoy is monster #25, a ghost pirate. Working on this one, I had one of those happy accidents. I made a shadow of the ghost figure then colored a ghostly blue. My plan was to place it behind the ghost, but then in moving it I accidentally put it in front, which subdued the ghost and made the glow that much more effective. I liked it so much that I used it for another upcoming monster afterwards.


Technical details: I used two Pilot Precise Rolling Ball pens, one V7 fine and one V5 extra fine. I didn't use any pencil, choosing to sketch with the pen. It creates a more improvisational line. Then I scanned them in and colored them using CorelDraw X4. I used a shadow colored ghostly blue made from an outlined ghost pirate, then I moved it in front, giving it the glowing effect.
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