Friday, December 08, 2006

Inspiration from Figurines

I am a collector of toys...especially Donald Duck. Fortunately, here in Italy they love Donald very much and there are many inexpensive opportunities to acquire Duck figurines. I will try to upload some pictures of them some time. Suffice it say, they serve as an inspiration to me. Also, they are good for drawing models. I can take these 3D figurines and turn them at any angle and see where the eyes get smaller or the tail can't be seen any longer. Anytime I have seen offices of artists or animators there are usually pieces of inspiration scattered all about. In a podcast interview with John Lasseter of Pixar/Disney, he said that when they moved into their new wing they didn't put up finished walls/cubicles for the artists. In fact, they used a wooden frame and then covered it in corkboard. Corkboard! That way the artists could decorate it however they liked and it would be their own touch. Over the years I have bought figurines at garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, Disney stores, Disneyland and World, newstands along with numerous other places to fill my collection. What inspires you?
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