Friday, September 10, 2010

Magazine Artwork - Expulsion

I have been working on a few possible magazine article illustrations for one Team Expansion publications.  It's called the TELL and will be out before the National Missionary Convention.  Here's a couple versions of the first article I worked on, with a larger version of the more final look.  The article will go on two pages and the text will be in the black space.  The title will go in the arm/hand silhouette.

The article is of somber content.  It is about the reality of missionaries when "kicked out" or expelled from a country.  What is the church's responsibility when they return to the states?  How do we care for them?  How do we minister to them?

I actually used inspiration from an unlikely source.  During  WWII, the major cartoon studios in America made their own propaganda films.  This included Disney in a short called, "Education for Death - The Making of the Nazi".  I had seen them before and remembered the use of the silhouette and thought it fitting.  Above you can see a snapshot from the aforementioned short.  You can find it on Youtube, if you really want to see it.
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