Thursday, April 15, 2010

Website Work

So, I am transitioning into a new role with our missions organization, Team Expansion.  I am going to be based stateside in Tulsa, Oklahoma working on all sorts of creative projects for the 320 missionaries around the world.  I will be doing graphic design, website/video editing, continuing to create curriculum, logos, illustration, etc...

That means I have to redesign our website.  So I will post some of the images that I have been working on.  Starting off here's the main image that I am probably going to put on the main page.  Hopefully, you can tell it's an exaggerated self-portrait of me sitting over my drawing table.  I even took one of the ink drawings from my book Fat Baby and put it on the drawing table.  I gave it some perspective in CorelDraw X4.  This image was completely made in CorelDraw X4 as a vector image.

The next several items will be the icons that I am working on to link to various pages on our new site.  The other night I had spent several hours working on the file that included those icons, the above image and several other images.  Then I got a scare.  I clicked to do something and it just sat there.  It didn't look like it was working, yet it wouldn't let me do anything else either.  I waited and waited to see if it was hung up.  It was frozen.  I closed out the program and restarted it.  The file had an error on it.  It wouldn't open.  I spent several minutes wishing I had saved it under multiple names as well as searching for a possible version in the temp folder.  Finally, I noticed that there was a copy of my file in the folder where I was working.  CorelDraw had made a duplicate file when the program had an error.  I opened it with bated breath, praying the entire time.  It opened.  I proceeded to save it several times, under several names.  Now I can rest easy.
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